100% Tuition Fee Scholarships for International Students, Monash University, Australia

100% tuition fee scholarships are available for international undergraduate and postgraduate (coursework) students at Monash University – Australia. These scholarships are available for those students commencing full time undergraduate or postgraduate degree at a Monash campus in Australia and must have received a full Monash course offer. Students may come from any disciplines except Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) or Master of Business Administration (MBA). Awardees will be asked to be profiled or participate in recruitment, Monash marketing, promotional events or materials.

Level of Education Scholarships available for full time undergraduate and postgraduate (coursework).

Subjects or Fields of Study Scholarships available for all subjects / fields of study offered at Monash University in Australia, except for the following subjects:

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
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Amount of Scholarships

This scholarship will pay 100% tuition fees.

Duration of Scholarships

Scholarships available until the minimum number of points for your degree are completed.


To be eligible for this scholarship, the students must meet all the conditions below:

  • Must be international students. Students from all countries are invited to apply for this scholarships. There is no restriction or nationality criteria. However, preference will be given to students from countries with strategic priorities for Monash.
  • Students applying for full time undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Monash campus in Australia.
  • Students must have received full course offer from Monash.

The following students are NOT eligible to apply for this scholarship:

  • Students applying for MBBS or MBA are not eligible to apply.
  • Students in pathway programs are not eligible to apply.
  • Students in Australian Year 12 are not eligible to apply.
  • Students from another Australian university or transferring from another Monash campus are not eligible to apply.
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Number of Scholarships Available

4 (four) scholarships are available for the most outstanding international undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Scholarships available for all international students. There is no other restriction or nationality criteria. However, preference will be given to students from countries with strategic priorities.

Selection Criteria

Please take note on the above eligibility criteria carefully. Students will be assessed based on their academic achievements, personal statements in the scholarship application, and the candidate’s potential to be a Monash University ambassador.

How to Apply

You must apply and submit a separate application for this scholarship. The scholarship application form is available on their website. Please read the procedure carefully. Your application will only be considered when you follow their procedure.

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Application Deadline

The closing dates for this scholarships are:

  • October 15 2016
  • November 15 2016
  • January 15 2016
  • March 15 2016
  • April 15 2016
  • June 12 2016

Please take note of the deadline. Late submissions will not be entertained!

Result Notification

Please contact Monash University to ask about the result.


This scholarship can be deferred within the same calendar year only.

For further info please visit official website: www.study.monash.


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