SMA3 Graduate Fellowship by Singapore Ministry of Education

The Singapore Ministry of Education has established a four-year fellowship scheme for new doctoral students at NTU or NUS who will conduct their research at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Centre (SMART Centre).

The establishment of this Fellowship Programme is intended to attract to NTU and NUS the best and most talented doctoral students from Singapore, the region, and beyond and educate them to be future leaders in science and technology for Singapore and beyond. The Fellowship will provide them with the opportunity to be involved in the strategic research programmes at the SMART Centre and provide them with the opportunity to be co-advised by an MIT faculty member. The student may spend up to six months doing research at MIT.

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The SMA3 Graduate Fellowship at SMART provides:

  • up to four years of full tuition fees at the student’s home university;
  • a monthly stipend of S$3,200;
  • a scholarly allowance of up to S$12,000 to help cover the expenses associated with a six month research residency at MIT;
  • and co-supervision by an MIT and NTU/NUS faculty.

There is no bond associated with this fellowship.

Guidelines for Awarding of SMA3 Graduate Fellowships

  1. A student who applied to one university will only be considered for that university and not the other.
  2. If the student is admitted to both NTU and NUS, the student has the option to select the university through which to accept the SMA3 Graduate Fellowship.
  3. If a student has identified more than one potential SMART IRG, the student has the option to select which IRG s/he would like to work for.
  4. If a student has more than one potential research advisor from SMART-NTU and/or SMART- NUS, the student has the option to select an advisor provided the SMART-MIT advisor has a collaborator with that particular university.
  5. A student who is not awarded a SMA3 Graduate Fellowship will be considered for other fellowships within the university provided that they indicated this on their application.
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Eligibility – A student must:

  • have graduated with an undergraduate degree with first class or second-upper (or equivalent);
  • be an incoming new PhD student not currently matriculated;
  • have a research interest that fits within one or more of the projects currently being carried out in SMART Interdisciplinary Research Group (IRG)s.

January 2012 Intake: May 17, 2011 through July 17, 2011

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