Senior Researcher in Life-cycle-Assessment (LCA) of Waste Management at Technical University of Denmark

DTU Environment would like to hire a senior researcher in the field of life cycle assessment of waste management. The duties of the position, among others, to develop a second generation of LCA-model for waste management, applying the model to important issues in waste management, the launch of a model for international research and community consultation, project coordination, and to provide teaching and training.


  • You have a PhD (or equivalent) as well as academic qualifications equivalent to those obtained by holding a position as a researcher or postdoctoral
  • You have documented scientific production at the level of associate professor in the field of LCA-modeling in waste management
  • You have deep knowledge about waste management, waste management process modeling and related environmental aspects
  • You have deep knowledge of LCA include issues such as databases, assessment documentation, and the impact of uncertainty
  • You are well organized, result oriented and able to work independently and in a study group
  • You are experienced in the user instruction, training and consultancy waste LCA-model
  • You have documented experience in national and international research cooperation
Baca Juga:   Fulbright Senior Research Program, American Indonesian Exchange Foundation, USA

In the assessment of candidates for consideration will be given to:

  • scientific production and research potential in the international level
  • innovative skills and the ability to generate new ideas
  • ability to communicate at all levels
  • experience in teaching and education
  • ability to promote and utilize research results
  • basic all-round experience, preferably including international experience
  • ability to contribute to the development cooperation department of internal and external

Level : Undergraduate

Provider : Technical University of Denmark

Location : Denmark

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