Postgraduate Scholarships for South East Asia, La Trobe University, Australia

La Trobe University invites outstanding students to apply for postgraduate scholarships. These scholarships are awarded as one-off payments and are distributed to students until the quota has been filled.

Scholarships for South East Asia (AU$3000)

Student must hold an equivalent degree with a minimum GPA 3.0/4.0.

Students must hold an equivalent degree with a minimum of GPA 3.0/4.0.

Students must achieve a minimum GPA 2.8 or above from selected universities in Thailand under Section One in the AEI NOOSR guide.

According to the AEI NOOSR guide, students must achieve the minimum of the below scores in order to qualify for the postgraduate scholarship:

  • GPA overall 7.0 above in final year from Section One University
  • GPA overall 7.5 above in final year from Section Two University
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How to apply:
To apply, students need to meet all the entry requirements and hold an unconditional offer or a conditional offer on English, start a postgraduate degree at La Trobe University in Victoria, Australia in 2012. Please contact your agent to express interest for this scholarship or simply download the scholarship application form and send to La Trobe International at [email protected].


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