Postdoctoral Position in Genetic Instability and Cancer at VU University Medical Center

The post-doc will participate in the Dutch Cancer Society project :”Sister chromatid cohesion as a novel foothold for cancer therapy”, a collaboration with the departments Medical Oncology (Dr. V.W. van Beusechem) and Otolaryngology/ Head-Neck Surgery (Prof. Dr. R.H. Brakenhoff). Aim of the project is to investigate the hypothesis that defects in sister chromatid cohesion can be exploited for targeted and personalized cancer treatment. The cohesion between the two sister chromatids that appear after DNA replication is essential for faithful chromosome segregation. Recent evidence has indicated that cohesion defects may underlie chromosomal instability in a subset of cancers. These cancers might be more effectively treated by specific inhibition of the pathway(s) that have become essential for the survival of these tumors. In this project, we want to identify those pathways

Baca Juga:   Undergraduate & Graduate Scholarships, Webster University, Thailand

– Candidates are highly motivated to perform cancer-related research and should be flexible team players.
-Candidates have a master degree and background in molecular biology and cell biology. We prefer candidates with experience in siRNA screens.

Study Subject(s):Genetic Instability and Cancer
Course Level Postdoctoral
Scholarship Provider: VU University Medical Center
Application Deadline: 21 June 2011

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