PhD Vision Systems Physiology-Helsinki University of Technolo

Vision Systems Physiology group
has funding available for a PhD or a postdoctoral student. Earlier experience
about visual system or matlab programming would be helpful. We are part of Brain Research Unit at Low Temperature Laboratory in Helsinki University of Technology. The work would target cortical physiology with brain imaging and aim to understand visual information processing at systems level. Our group works mainly with functional magnetic resonance imaging and has excellent access to research-dedicated 3 T magnet. In addition, whole-head magnetoencephalography is available for temporal resolution when necessary.

We have close collaboration with groups in Helsinki University who work on visual
psychophysics and computational modeling of vision.

Baca Juga:   Bond University Postgraduate Award, Australia

The university is located in Espoo, Otaniemi campus, and forms a calm and
research friendly environment with significant amount of foreign students. Finland is
known for an excellent infrastructure for families and Helsinki region houses multiple international schools. Helsinki University of Technology, together with Helsinki School of Economics and the University of Art and Design Helsinki will be part of a new foundation-based Aalto University at the end of next year. The new university aims to nourish a student centered culture and high-quality research.

If you are interested, please send CV and a letter of recommendation before 10th
December to Simo Vanni, AMI centre, PO Box 3000, 02015-TKK, Espoo, Finland, or
by e-mail to vanni [ a t ] Please do not hesitate to ask for more

Baca Juga:   [Denmark] Postdoc in Economics at Aarhus University

Simo Vanni

Simo Vanni, MD PhD,
Academy Research Fellow

Vision Systems Physiology
Brain Research Unit/AMI centre
Low Temperature Laboratory
Helsinki University of Technology
PO BOX 3000, 02015-TKK, Espoo

tel: +358-9-451 6159
fax: +358-9-451 2969


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