PhD student in Computer Science; Privacy and Security at KTH The School of Computer Science and Communication (CSC)

KTH The School of Computer Science and Communication (CSC) seeks a PhD student in Computer Science; Privacy and Security

KTH is the largest technical university in Sweden. Education and research cover a broad spectrum within natural sciences and engineering, as well as architecture, industrial engineering and management, urban planning, work science and environmental engineering. KTH has 13.344 full-time equivalent students of whom 6.955 at Bachelor (first) level and 5.545 at Master (second) level. In addition 1.314 full-time equivalent students at doctoral studies (third) level and 3.900 employees.

CSC is one of Sweden`s most advanced and successful research and education institutions in Information Technology with activities at both KTH and Stockholm University. The activities of the school focus on higher education and research within the traditional core areas of numerical analysis and computer science; from theory building and analysis of mathematical models to algorithm construction, implementation and simulation. Other core areas of growing importance are technology and methods for the support of human communication and computer mediated cooperation over distances in time and space. The applied research includes scientific computing, computer science, computer vision, robotics, neuroinformatics and neural networks, human-computer interaction, media technology and graphic arts, and communication through speech, language and music. For more information see: Official Website. go to”CSC International Website”.

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The Department of Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) offers a stimulating research environment in a range of topics such as complexity theory and approximation algorithms, computer and network security, cryptography, programming languages, and formal methods. Security and safety of computer and network-based systems has been identified as an area of strategic importance.

Online Social Networks like Facebook, MySpace, Xing, etc. have become extremely popular. Yet they have some limitations that we want to overcome for a next generation of social networks: privacy concerns and requirements of Internet connectivity, both of which are due to web-based applications on a central site whose owner has access to all data. To overcome these limitations, we envision a paradigm shift from a client-server to a peer-to-peer infrastructure coupled with encryption so that users keep control of their data and can use the social network also locally, without Internet access. This shift gives rise to many research questions intersecting areas such as networking, security, distributed systems, and social network analysis – leading to a better understanding of how technology can support social interactions. For more details see the PeerSoN project page at : Visit Official Website.

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The goal of this PhD project is to develop mechanisms and evaluate privacy and security issues for decentralized social networks in particular and for provider-independent personal communications in general.

This is a four-year, time-limited position and normally includes 20% departmental duties, usually teaching. Research/doctoral students must be registered at KTH. The starting date is open for discussion, though ideally we would like the successful candidate to start as soon as possible.

Form of employment: Time-limited.
Work time: Full time.
The salary follows the directions provided by KTH.
Start date: According to agreement.
Number of positions: 1.

The applicant is expected to have a strong background and interest in computer science, including subjects such as networking, distributed systems, security, and game theory.
Applicants must be strongly motivated for doctoral studies, possess the ability to work independently and perform critical analysis as well as possessing good levels of cooperative and communicative abilities.

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Application deadline: June 15, 2011
Employer`s reference number: D-2011-0155

Applications via email to Susanne Bergman: [email protected]

Write reference number in the email subject. (CV, etc should be sent as an attachment preferably pdf-files.)

We also accept hard copy applications sent to:
Att. Susanne Bergman,
Lindstedtsvägen 3, 4th floor,
SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden

Applications should contain a letter where the applicants describe themselves, their qualifications, and interests. They should also contain a Curriculum Vitae, grade transcripts, copies of the applicant`s Master`s thesis and/or publications, and names and addresses of two references. Applicants about to finish their M.Sc. degrees may be considered for the position.

For enquiries about PhD studies and employment conditions please contact:
Eva-Lena Åkerman, HR Manager
Phone: +46 8 790 91 06
[email protected]

For enquiries about the project please contact:
Sonja Buchegger, associate professor
Phone: +46 8 790 68 84
[email protected]


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