PhD Scholarship Position in Philosophy of Law

The PhD project involves writing a dissertation on the following topic: ‘Human Rights and Human Duties: Assessing the Obligations entailed in Human Rights’.

The research questions are:
a. What is the exact relation between human rights and human duties? Are all rights claimable and enforceable? Who has the obligation to protect universal goods?
b. What do human duties require in terms of content? Do they require an obligation to avoid deprivation, to protect from deprivation or to aid the deprived, as Shue suggests?
c. Who are the specific claimants of human duties (to whom are human duties owed), to individuals only or to groups as well, as according to the ‘Responsibility to Protect’?
d. Who are the primary bearers of human duties: individuals, governments or any collective body? Further, on the basis of which reasoning can duties be attributed?

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The research aims at the following objectives:
1. Analysing the conceptual link between human rights and human duties.
2. Developing a normative theory of human duties.
3. Proposing practical guidelines for the assessment of the legal implications of human duties.
Alongside the PhD research, the candidate is required to make a small contribution to the teaching of the Philosophy of Law department in the Bachelor of Law programme of the Faculty of Law.

The Department of Legal Philosophy currently consists of one professor, two senior lecturers, one lecturer, one postdoctoral researcher and four PhD candidates. The staff teach both in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes of the Faculty of Law, and also in the Master’s degree programme of the Faculty of Philosophy.
Its research is embedded in the State and Law (STeR) research centre of the Faculty of Law, Radboud University Nijmegen.
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You have an MA in Philosophy and/ or Law with a clear interest in a philosophical and conceptual approach to legal questions. Furthermore you should have excellent analytical and writing skills in English and Dutch. You have teaching skills or are willing to obtain these skills.

Conditions of employment
Employment: 1,0 fte
Maximum salary per month, based on a fulltime employment: € 2,042 gross/month
The salary is based on a 38-hour work week. You will receive an 8% holiday allowance and and an 8.3% bonus.
Duration of the contract: 4 years (1 FTE).

Additional conditions of employment
The initial contract will be for one and a half years, which then will be renewed if the progress made under this first contract is satisfactory.
An employment of 0,8 FTE is negotiable.
Commencement date: 1 July (at the latest).

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Other Information
A description of the research plan is available from Prof. T. Mertens.

Additional Information
Prof. dr. Th. Mertens, Professor
Telephone: +31 24 3615705
E-mail: [email protected]

Dr. R. Tinnevelt, Senior Lecturer
Telephone: +31 24 3615539
E-mail: [email protected]

You can apply for the job (mention the vacancy number 22.03.11) before 6 April 2011 by sending your application -preferably by email- to:

Radboud University Nijmegen, P&O Department
P.O. Box 7005, 6503 GM NIJMEGEN, NL
Telephone: +31 24 3611173
E-mail: [email protected]

Faculty of Law
Maximum Salary: € 2,042 gross/month
Vacancy number: 22.03.11
Closing date: 6 April 2011

Application Deadline : 6 April 2011 Visit Official Website.


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