Phd Scholarship Position at Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

The center for Ordered Materials, Organometallics and Catalysis is looking for a PhD-student, in a larger research program on the SYNTHESIS, CHARACTERIZATION, and CATALYTICAL APPLICATIONS of METAL ORGANIC FRAMEWORKS.

Current research activities of COMOC include: synthesis of several types of PMO materials, as powders and as thin films, synthesis of mesoporous ordered polymers, spherical mesoporous silicas for HPLC, mesoporous oxide materials, adsorbents, solar cells, lab on a chip.

COMOC has a fully equipped lab, including (in situ) FTIR, FT-Raman, TGA, DSC, XRD (low angle and wide angle), Elemental analysis (CHNS/O analyser), ultra-fast GC, and has free and unlimited access to SEM, TEM, AFM, XPS, EPR, etc… and all synthetic facilities including 6 Schlenk lines and a clean room with dip-coater, spin-coater, and a room with several spray dryers.

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A PhD student for a 4 year period to perform a PhD on the synthesis and catalytic applications of MOFs in one of the domains mentioned above. You need a master in science (chemistry, physics) or applied science or a master degree from a college of higher education.


Interested candidates are asked to send a motivation letter with Curriculum Vitae to Prof. Dr. Pascal Van Der Voort, by email: [email protected] or by regular mail: Prof. Dr. Pascal Van Voort, Dept of Inorganic & Physical Chemistry, Krijgslaan 281 building S3, B-9000 Gent.

  • Last application date: 2011-04-01 15:00
  • Department: WE06 – Department of Inorganic and physical chemistry
  • Contract: bepaald
  • Degree: master in chemistry
  • Occupancy rate: 100%
  • Vacancy Type: wp
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    Application Deadline : 1 April 2011

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