PhD Scholarship in Health Economics at University of Southern Denmark

The Research Unit of Health Economics at The University of Southern Denmark is advertising a PhD scholarship within the area of Behavioural Economics. The PhD project should involve research on citizens` health choices and preferences for health.

The successful applicant for a PhD scholarship must have demonstrated a research potential as reflected by the grades obtained and the quality of the master thesis. Applicants are expected to have an educational background in economics or a related subject corresponding to the Danish degrees cand.oecon., cand.polit., cand.scient.oecon. or cand.merc.

The application must include a synopsis (maximum 5 pages) describing a research proposal related to the topic area of the scholarship. Dialogue with one of the contact persons below is possible. The proposal may be further elaborated upon during the first three months of the scholarship.

Baca Juga:   PhD Scholarships in the Role of Epigenetics in Age-Related Immune Dysfunction and in Endocrine Eisease

The successful applicant will have the Research Unit of Health Economics in Odense as place of employment and will be expected to participate actively in departmental activities Non-Danes are expected to acquire a basic knowledge of the Danish language, in particular reading skills, during the first year of the scholarship.

Information about the PhD programme at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Southern Denmark, can be found at: Official Website.
For further information contact Professor Mickael Bech, phone: +45 6550 4234, [email protected] or Professor Dorte Gyrd-Hansen: [email protected].

Visit Official Website.


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