PhD Scholarship in Geobiosphere Sciences at Lund University

PhD Scholarship in Geobiosphere Sciences at Lund University

  • Type of employment: Limit of tenure, 1 year
  • Extent: 100 %
  • Location: Department of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences (Geology Unit), Lund
  • First day of employment: 2011-07-01
  • Official Records Number: NPA 2011/143

Job assignments
Phd scholarship in GeoBiosphere Sciences, Geology at Lund University, Sweden We have an opening for a Phd scholarship for a highly motivated person to join our research on a high-grade metamorphic section of the Sveconorwegian orogen. It is the Scandinavian equivalent to the Grenville orogen, and the result of collision tectonics at around 1 Ga ago during the assembly of supercontinent Rodinia. The project area in SW Sweden exposes a window into one of the deepest buried and most ductile parts of this mountain chain. The high-grade deformational and metamorphic processes are considered to be of major importance in the evolution and structural build-up of the orogen.

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The PhD project focusses on Structural Geology and Metamorphic Petrology and is entitled “High pressure and temperature deformation and metamorphism in the eclogite – granulite region of SW Sweden.” Research involves characterization of the tectonostratigraphy and P-T-t-d evolution, linking of metamorphism and kinematics in deformation zones, and development of a structural model for the area, in particular for the distribution of eclogites.

Eligibility/Entry Requirements
The applicant must hold a university degree (MSc/BSc or equivalent) in Earth Sciences at the time of appointment. A strong background in petrology is expected. Fluent spoken and written English is required. The scholarship require ability to do fieldwork in a boreal landscape. Ability and willingness to travel to conferences, fieldtrips and workshops and analytical work (mainly Sweden and Canada) is essential; so is participation as a teaching assistant in the Geology Programme at Lund University.

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Basis of Assessment
Specific requirements:

  • A strong background in metamorphic petrology and petrography.
  • Experience in structural mapping and structural analysis.

Documented experience in any of the following fields is an asset:

  • Scientific writing and oral presentation
  • Scanning electron microscopy SEM
  • Microprobe analysis, EDS/WDS/SIMS
  • Phase equilibria and P-T estimation
  • Geochronology, in particular the U-Pb-system
  • Field geology of high-grade gneiss terrains

Please give details in your CV.

Additional Information
Applications for this position should include:

  • A one-page covering letter with statements about the applicant`s background and ambitions in relation to the project
  • CV with general personal information, details of previous studies and work
  • A pdf-file (or link for download) of any relevant publication, MSc- and/or BSc-thesis
  • Names and addresses of at least two reference persons.
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Application Deadline : April, 29th 2011


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