PhD Position in in bio-inspired robotics research at Jaume I University

The Robotic Intelligence Lab at Jaume I University (Castellon, Spain) is offering a PhD position for working in bio-inspired robotics research concerning learning and sensorimotor coordination of head, eyes and limbs movements during visually-aided planning and execution of manipulation tasks. The candidate will perform research within the framework of national and European projects related to robotic applications with neurobiology inspiration, working with state of the art equipment such as a humanoid torso with anthropomorphic head and multifinger hands.

Requirements: applicants should be nationals of the European uni0n and have obtained an Engineering or Science degree with outstanding performance. Experience in robotics is desirable but not required. Interest in theoretical neuroscience, mental development, or interdisciplinary bio-inspired research is preferable. This position is intendend for brilliant young graduates and their degree should be dated later than Jan. 1, 2008.

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Salary: 1407¤/month. (accommodation, meals and transport for one month in Castellon cost less than 500¤).

After getting acquainted with the computational models and the system available at the Intelligent Robotic Lab, the applicant is expected to extend it modeling additional functions and implementing other tasks and capabilities. Coordination between eyes, head, arm and hand movements and multimodal visual-tactile integration will be central from both theoretical and practical viewpoints. In this context, the student will have freedom to pursue his/her own research goals according to his/her background and interests.

Deadline is close: May, 25 2011

For further information contact:
Angel P. del Pobil
UJI Robotic Intelligence Lab

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