PhD Position Digital Microfluidics with Cells in Droplets in University of Twente, 2011

The University of Twente provides a stimulating academic environment with excellent technical facilities and a strong concentration of microfluidics research within the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology as well as the research Institute for Mechanics Process and Control Twente. PhD students can enroll in the J.M. Burgerscenter, the Dutch National School for Fluid Dynamics as well as the Twente Graduate School for Fluid Dynamics. In digital microfluidics, the use of individual droplets as closed sample containers is combined with advanced operations such as droplet transport, splitting, merging and mixing. In this project, electrowetting (EW) will be used to capture individual biological cells inside drops and subsequently expose these cells to reagents and to antibodies that are grafted to a detector surface. This should serve to identify which marker molecules are expressed by individual cells.

Baca Juga:   Doctoral Student in Accounting, University of Antwerp, Belgium

For this specific* PhD position we are looking for an experimentalist with a strong background in bio/chemical engineering or physics.

Study Subject(s) Digital Microfluidics with Cells in Droplets
Course Level PhD
Scholarship Provider: University of Twente
Scholarship can be taken at: Netherlands

Application Deadline: before, June 30th, 2011

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