Masters and PhD Scholarships in History at Central European University, Budapest

Central European University (CEU) is an English-language, graduate university located in Budapest, Hungary.

The university is accredited in the United States and Hungary. Our students come from 100 countries and our faculty from more than 40.

The Department of History offers students interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives on Central, Southeastern, and Eastern European as well as Ottoman and Middle Eastern history. The curriculum covers the main historiographical traditions from the early modern period to the present and introduces students to a range of scholarly topics from the social sciences and humanities, including sociology, economics, anthropology, art history, religion and philosophy. Specializations are available in Jewish studies and Religious studies.

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Graduates of the department find employment as researchers with governmental and non-governmental organizations, as academics at leading universities, and also as journalists.

Degrees Offered

Master of Arts in Central European History (one year)

Master of Arts in Comparative History: Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe 1500-2000 (two years)

Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Central, Southeastern and Eastern European History

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Selected Areas of Research

• Early modern history

• Social history

• Cultural history

• Intellectual history

• Urban studies

• Nationalism studies

• Gender studies

• Comparative history of Habsburg, Ottoman and

Russian Empires

• Comparative history of fascism and communism.

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Financial Aid and Tuition

The majority of CEU students receive internal or external financial aid. Various types of funding packages are available for Master’s degree students: CEU fellowships, tuition waivers, external scholarships, financial aid.

Nearly 90% of the doctoral students receive a full CEU fellowship that covers all tuition fees and a generous living allowance for up to three years.

Application Deadline: April 30, 2011

Application must be submitted complete with proof of English proficiency.

Admissions Requirements

Detailed description of the general applications requirements: Visit Official Website.

Applying to CEU

To apply, complete and submit CEU’s online application form: Visit Official Website.

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General Inquiries

For questions, contact:

[email protected]

Application Deadline : 30 April 2011

Visit Official Website.


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