Master Scholarships 2011 at Politecnico di Torino, Italy


The “Specializing Master” is a scientific perfection qualification that you can acquire if you have a three year degree (I level specializing master) or a five year degree (II level specializing master). It is possible to participate both in the I and II level masters with the old degree system. In order to obtain a master qualification you must follow a course that is equivalent to a minimum of 60 credits.

A “Specializing Master” is a point of connection between industry and university that allows one to enter the world of work through an education offer that can fill a niche. The master course is a flexible university course of higher value than a degree as it allows a specific professional figure to be formed (I level specializing master), or to attain a higher specialisation (II level specializing master).

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Automatica and control technologies

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E-Business and ICT for Management

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Optical Communication and Photonic Technologies

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Navigation and Related Applications

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Wireless Systems and Related Technologies

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Online Application:

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Deadline: May, 12th 2011


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