KGSP Graduate Scholarships, Pusan National University, Korea

Admission Schedule

  • Admission guideline April 30(Mon)
  • Submission of application documents April 30(Mon) 9:00 ~ May 4(Fri)18:00
  • Announcement of admission result May 25(Wed)10:00(tentative)

Eligibility for Application

  1. Those who are selected as KGSP graduate students.
  2. Individuals whose parents both hold foreign nationality and Korean nationals residing abroad or foreign nationals who completed the entire course of education equivalent to the elementary and secondary educations and tertiary education of Korea abroad.
  3. Those who satisfy both 1) and 2), and have obtained Level 3 or above in the TOPIK(Test of Proficiency in Korean).

Required Documentation

  1. An application Form
  2. A certificate of TOPIK
  3. a Transcript of the latest degree
  4. a graduate certificate of the latest degree
  5. Copies of the applicant’s passport and both parents’ passports (or other official documents indicating applicant’s and parents’ nationality)
  6. A letter of recommendation (from high school teacher, principal, etc.)
  7. A personal statement and study plan [Form 2]
  8. Portfolio(free style) for the applicants to the Department of Arts
  9. Reference documents(optional) (foreign language proficiency certificates, awards, certificates of qualification, high school brochure, etc.)
  10. Notice
  • When documents were issued in a foreign country, the original should be submitted. If it is unavailable on applying, however, you are allowed to submit copied documents authorized by your Language Institute. Original documents should be submitted after announcement of admissions decision.
  • Application form and personal statement and study plan should be filled out in Korean or English.
  • Documents that are not in Korean or English must be submitted with a notarized Korean or English translation.
  • Admitted students should submit Apostille certificates or verified documents from Korean consulate for their school certificates (transcripts, diplomas, etc.) to the Office of International Affairs at PNU before the beginning of the school.
  • Applicants may be required to submit additional documents for the purpose of screening.
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Application Procedure

  1. Admission decisions are based on document screening only. The admissions committee selects successful applicants by the overall evaluation based on the submitted documents.
  2. Application Fee : free

Campus Life

Introduction of Busan

  • Features : Busan Metropolitan City is the typical Korean harbor city and a second largest city in Korea
  • Location : the southeastern tip of the Korean peninsula
  • Area : 765.64?
  • Population : 3.5 million residents(2010. 12)
  • Major industry : Marine Industry, Fishery Industry, Heavy Industry, Shipbuilding, Manufacturing, Tourism, Service Industry etc.
  • Tourism Attraction : Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach, Nurimaru APEC House, Gwanan Bridge, UN National Park, Dalmaji Hill etc.
  • Famous Festival : Fire Festival, Busan International Film Festival, History Tongshinsa etc.
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Introduction of Pusan National University

  • Foundation Year : 1946
  • Area : 983,053?
  • Multi Campus : Busan(Main Campus), Miryang, Yangsan, Ami
  • PNU Members
    • Students : total 35,761 (Undergraduate 26,613, Master degree 7,594, Doctoral Degree 1,554)
    • Professors : 1,892
    • Administrative staffs : 766
  • PNU Features
    • Established and funded by the government, the university provides educational opportunities in almost all areas of study and supports the needs of quality higher education in the southeastern area of the country
    • As a open and promising university, PNU has a outstanding research power in shipbuilding, marine, harbor and Logistics Information Technology.
    • Enhanced human resource to force future growth in Mechanical engineering and Nano Bio field.
    • Specialized multi campus in Busan, Miryang, Yangsan by academic field.
    • Ranked top 371 of the world universities at ‘ 2009 world university evaluation’ conducted by The times and QS.
    • Ranked top 4 in Korea conducted by Chosun daily newspaper and QS Asian University evaluation.Link
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Office of International Affairs
Address: Geumjeong-gu, Busan 609-735, Korea, Office of International
Services(Bldg. 202), Pusan National University
Zip-code 609-735
Phone: 051-510-3854 – Fax: 051-510-3851
E-mail: [email protected]

Home page: PNU official website
PNU Admission official website
PNU Office of International Affairs official website

Pusan National University
Address: Geumjeong-gu, Busan 609-735, Korea, Office of International Services(Bldg.
202), Pusan National University

For more information on scholarships, please read: Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for International Graduate Students


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