CSC International PhD Programme

A PhD is one of the most exciting times in the life of a scientist and has a major influence on their future career. The MRC Clinical Sciences Centre as a place of excellent science and education provides competitive PhD training, offering a outstanding starting platform for a career as a research scientist.

At the CSC, more than 30 research groups are organized in to three sections: Epigenetics, Development and Cancer; Experimental and Clinical Neuroscience, and Genomic, Metabolic and Cardiovascular Medicine. The mix of clinical and basic biological sciences creates a stimulating and flexible environment facilitating a broad education. The 3.5 year research programme provides a comprehensive scientific training in a vibrant international research environment with state-of-the-art research facilities and cutting-edge research projects. Laboratory work is supplemented by seminars, group lab meetings, training courses and participation in conferences. The degree is awarded by Imperial College, an outstanding university, ranked 5th in the world in the Times Higher Education 2009 ranking. More than 60 students from all over the world are currently working at the CSC creating a young dynamic and international atmosphere.

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The PhD programme is managed by Prof. Anne Soutar. Students are selected from amongst highly qualified applicants after thorough interviews by a committee representing the CSC research sections. Competitive funding £17,500 (non-taxable stipend) is provided for 8 UK PhD students and up to 3 European / International positions. In addition a large number of students supported by external fellowships also start their PhD at the CSC each year.

Students start their PhD with an intensive 1 month series of lectures and demonstrations, details of which can be seen here.

For their research projects, students are guided by their supervisor(s) and 2 academic mentors during their PhD. The PhD will promote independence in research and encourages students to develop their own ideas.

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The PhD programme at the CSC also provides access to a wide variety of training courses for transferable skills, including a 3 day residential Research Skills Course, a 2 day presentation skills course and a career development course providing guidance for the next steps after PhD study. You can download a pdf of the 2009-2010 Graduate School of Life Sciences and Medicine transferable skills courses programme here.

There is also an excellent seminar programme featuring invited scientists as well as CSC Group Heads. Students present seminars on their research at the student seminar series, and posters on their research at the CSC Retreat. Each student may attend at least one UK conference and one overseas conference during the course of their PhD, providing invaluable experience and exposure to the wider scientific community.

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The quality of the research and facilities, the collaborative spirit of the CSC and the international environment of the institute make this a special place to be.

Application Deadline : 31 May 2010

Two MRC studentships are currently available in the following groups:

DNA Replication , [email protected]

Lymphocyte Development, [email protected]

To apply, please email a current CV to the address shown.


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